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Our System

At AI Tipping, we harness the power of a wealth of experience that spans generations in the Australian horse racing industry alongside advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to provide accurate and reliable tipping services for Australian horse racing. Here’s a simplified overview of how our system works:
Prediction Generation

Based on the expert input, and trained models we generate predictions for upcoming races, considering factors like historical performance, current form, and track conditions.

Delivery of Tipping Services

We provide our clients with our predictions and insights through various channels, such as our website, and mobile app.

Data Collection

We interpret and gather a wide range of racing data, including race results, horse form, jockey statistics, and track conditions.

Data Analysis

Our team of Horse racing experts alongside our AI Data Scientists they analyse the collected data, identifying patterns and correlations that may influence race outcomes.

Model Training

Using machine learning techniques, we train our predictive models to learn from the data, continuously improving their accuracy, that’s right we will continue to get better and better.

System Update

We have been running the model we created using Ai and Machine learning for over 6 months now. We have been sending out free predictions to over 350 loyal subscribers over the past 4 months via email on a Saturday only. See our results here

Both our Apple and Android APPs are in the design and development phase and this is where our predictions will be distributed through, every day of the week for all TAB meetings.

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“Tomorrows Racing Insights, Todays AI Technology”

About Us

Our team at AI tipping consists of:
Ø Horse Owners / industry Experts: Bringing deep industry knowledge and a passion for the sport.
Ø Data Scientists Specialising in Machine Learning: With advanced skills in data analysis and predictive modelling.
Ø Web and App Full Stack Developer: Expert in creating user-friendly platforms.
Ø AI Marketing Specialist: Focused on integrating AI-driven marketing strategies.
Ø Integration Specialist: Ensuring seamless integration of AI technologies

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"The Best of Both Worlds: Classic Expertise, AI Precision”

Current Testing Results

The results include win prediction percentages, place prediction percentages, and current profit and loss based on one unit per prediction.

Results below are based on one unit bet per race, and only one horse selected per race. (our highest prediction rating)

Data is from 2/5/23 until today


Win Strike Rate


Place Strike Rate

Profit 136 Units

About AI Tipping


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